Incense sticks

Incense sticks are used at all the places of worship, religious functions, festive occasions, weddings irrespective of religions. Besides it is also used as air freshener and also as mosquito repellent. This itself speaks volumes of the paramount importance Agarbatti has.

Dhoop Sticks

A kind of mini havan, Dhoop purifies your place of prayer with its divine and fragrant smoke. It helps one to connect with the divine with its aroma and establishes greater peace and harmony within the devotee. Deeply rooted in the Indian culture, Dhoop forms an essential part of prayers and contributes significantly towards the cleansing of one’s soul and mind.

Camphor Tablets

Refreshingly cool with menthol-like fragrance, camphor holds a very prominent place in most Hindu rituals and ceremonies. However, barring religious significance, owing to their natural therapeutic benefits, for centuries Camphor is used as a traditional remedy to treat a number of ailments ranging from simple cough to serious cardiac problems.